Brand architecture is how an organization structures its portfolio under a common company name.
This portfolio can be their products , services or brands

Now, how they define the relationship between different brands within the company and how they interact with each other and the overall corporate brand is what defines Brand architecture

So to understand it -think like Brand architecture as a way family is organized, with different members having their own unique identity but still being related to one another.

Lets understand some brand architectures :
1. Monolithic Brand Architecture (Branded House):
Tata is an excellent example of a monolithic brand architecture. Under the Tata brand, there are various companies and products, such as
➡ Tata Motors
➡ Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
➡ Tata Salt, Tata Tea
➡ Tata Steel

All these brands are clearly associated with the Tata name and share the same brand identity, symbolizing trust and reliability across all their offerings.

2. Endorsed Brand Architecture:
Tanishq – is endorsed by Titan
Both have unique identity & branding . Trust built by Titan helps Tanishq gain credibility

3. Sub-Brands or House of Brands:
It has several brands like

➡ Lux
➡ Lifebuoy
➡ Surf Excel and so on

Consumer might not be able to immediately recognise its association with HLL as the emphasis is more on individual product brands.

4. Hybrid Brand Architecture:
Aditya Birla Group
Some of their brands, like Birla White (cement), Birla Cellulose (textiles), and Birla Sun Life (insurance), follow a monolithic structure, incorporating the “Birla” name. On the other hand, they also have house of brands, such as Idea Cellular and Ultratech Cement, where the emphasis is more on the individual brand names.

#brandarchitecture helps create clarity, consistency, and understanding for both internal stakeholders and external customers.

Hope this brings about a clarity on this topic

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